We imagined Istanbul just like an artist creating a collage, because Istanbul is a world city having a live, colorful spirit with a body of past and contemporary values; a body that shelters thousands of religious and cultural differences for centuries. What inspired us to mobilize our human energy and devotion is this very special spirit. Accordingly, we determined the concept of Collage Hotels: an interpretation of the interaction of the art of collage with people, places and atmosphere. Our common purpose is to give you the best accommodation services with global quality standards while making it easier for you to enjoy Istanbul's colorful multiplicity.


Calm, relaxed, safe and comfortable... These are the foremost features one looks for when one finally frees himself from the overwhelming pace of modern life. That is why Collage Hotels chose to be a boutique type of hotel: to be comfortable and special, to be attentive and enthusiastic, to make you feel at home. In this context, continuous and unconditional customer satisfaction is our unchangeable motto.


We know that details are distinguishing factors as long as one doesn't get lost in details. As a team of professionals, we guarantee to create a comfortable, calm and safe atmosphere for you on the basis of our own attentive personalized service along with basic luxury and technology to answer your needs. As we continue growing, we are determined to always keep in mind that we are in the position of a host who welcomes his guests and shows the best hospitality to them.


The Collage Hotels brand, with its unique design, service philosophy, organizational culture, state-of-the-art products in the rooms and with its intimate atmosphere in the lounge and bar areas, offers a pleasant accommodation experience where aesthetics combine with comfort.The Group aims to achieve a total of 100 rooms by end of 2012. To this end, it continues searching for houses to be remodeled into hotels in harmony with the Collage Hotel concept.


The objectives of Collage Hotel are: to offer luxury and comfort to guests parallel to the relaxing setting of a home; to serve them with the traditional Turkish hospitality turning their stay into an unforgettable experience reflecting the collage world of Istanbul.


•To give the best personalized service within boutique hotel standards; to be committed to unconditional and continuous customer satisfaction
•To give utmost care to the perfection standards and personal improvement of the service personnel
•To be flexible, open-minded and able to experimentalize in terms of giving service and business modeling
•To be respectful and correct towards people and institutions worked with
•To create a positive organization and atmosphere for people to have pride in working and for guests to be pleased
•To take the necessary precautions in all our activities and applications in order to contribute to a cleaner and sustainable world; in this context, to educate our personnel and bring the issue to our guests' attention.

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